My walk in July

I captured these photos in the Vitosha mountain.I hope ypu like them!😁

Have a great day!😁😁


My walk in June

As in every month I made photos from my walk in the Vitosha mountain:

Have a wonderful weekend!🌸🌸🌸

10 really easy ways to help our planet 🌎

Here are some really easy way to help the Earth:

1. Carry a reusable bottle from glass or plastic. πŸ’§

2. Turn off your computer and save 40 watts a day.πŸ–₯

3. Take shorter showers and save water.🚿

4. Don’t use plastic straws, because they are disposable and when you use them you throw away much plastic.🍫

5. Buy grocery products packed in glass or paper instead of plastic if possible.πŸ₯‘

6. Travel with a bike or on foot instead of with a car 🚲

7. Don’t eat meat 2-3 days in the week.πŸ₯—

8. Print on both sides of a paper.πŸ“ƒ

9. Plant a tree.🌳

10. Turn pf the tap while brushing your teeth.🚰

Save the planet before it is too late!